Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I'm Back

I was in PD for a course, thus the silence. Nothing much to story, just a course. Full Stop. BUT since it was a co-joint program with Australia High Commission in KL, we didn't have classes at night (omputeh mmg tak suka kelas malam). So there we were, a bunch of gomen officers taking
every chance there was to enjoy ourselves. For a start, we watched Da Vincci Code in Seremban. From PD to Seremban just to watch a movie!, then a stroll on the not so beautiful beach (no offense yeah, it's just my opinion). Day in day out... 4 days were gone. We were scheduled to check out on Friday but why wait till Friday! I checked out on Thursday.

4th Wedding Anniversary

Alhamdullillah. Allah has bestowed his blessing upon us, hubby and me. How time flies..... it has been 4 years since we tied the knot, it's a long journey ahead of us... no doubt.. it won't be a bed of roses but we'll storm it anyway. Ya Allah, peliharalah mawadddah dan rahmah dalam rumah tangga kami, jauhkanlah fitnah dan hasad dengki daripada keluarga kami, kurniakanlah anak-anak yang soleh dan solehah sebagai penyambung kebahgiaan rumah tangga kami.. Amin....

Thank you dear friends for all wishes via e-mail, sms, call, card etc. We appreciate all thoughts and doa' from you guys..

Well...back to the story. Remember.. I checked out on Thursday. It was 25th May, I wanted to celebrate the day I became a wife. I was with a friend from PD to Klang. He dropped me at Jusco Bukit Raja as abang was already there. Planned to watch a movie, well... we watched X-Men.. can do lah the movie. For a person who collects the comic and been following the sequel.. kureng kick lah... but I still drools over Logan (Wolverine) hahahaha..

We went window shopping after the movie. I was head over heels on a Timberland's sandals I tried on. A bit pricey.... nope... too pricey. So that was it. We decided to head home, rindu kat our teruna some more.

Abang handed me the parking ticket, saying he wanted to go to the toilet. I paid and waited for him. What I saw, made me want to hug him there on! He walked towards me with a Timberland paper bag! He bought me the sandals as a wedding anniversary gift. It's just a pair of sandals but the way he presented it..... the element of suprise...I likeeeee. Thank You sooo much abang. The day after, he admitted... "abang sebenarnya tak tau nak belikan apa kat ayang, dah nampak ayang minat ngan sandal tu, abang belikanlah"

And me to him, I gave him... me.... hahahahaha. I bought him an Oakley, cost me a fortune.. phew!!! but for the loved one, price does not matter. At least he'll remember me when he goes cycling.

So our celebration this year is simple... a movie and a gift... which one do I prefer? I certainly prefer his LOVE and AFFECTION.

Move on Angah!

This week will see me running around finishing tasks delayed. Need to finish everything up before Friday since I'll be taking days off next week. A whole week to spent with my other half and our teruna. Half of it in Kelantan and another half in Kuantan. RM will spill over my pocket
like nobody business but the look on our faces is priceless. I'll be spending a lot.. I mean A LOT in Kelantan. Not for me lah... for my sister's wedding. Door gifts, materials for bunga telur, decorative items for hantaran.... don't let me start! Abang said he'll rent a lorry!

Did I say I'll be running around this week... I better start running now!

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