Thursday, September 25, 2003

So many things to do in so little time. Tutorials to mark, documents to file, attendance to count, analysis and question papers to submit, the list goes on. and I'm whining like nobody's business. Is there any work without due dates out there?

Got on line with fellow gejuis just before lunch. We discussed things about interviews and choices of life, 2 unrelated topics but what the heck. I went through few interviews. Once, the interviewer asked me, " what will you be, in 5 years time, if we offer you the job?" Me, attending the interview for the thrill of it, not actually wanting the job answered " I'll be sitting where you sit, doing things you do... only better" I got the job, called the company, said thanx and turned the offer down.

It is hard to choose between 2 important things in life. Things we cherish equally.. the irony.. choosing is not a choise, it's a must. Who says life is easy?

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