Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Some things better left unsaid, some would say. But what if those things keep bothering you? Just a thought after an incident last week. It has been a while since my last entry. Busy, that is the lamest excuse I could give. The truth is, I seem to lose my touch in writing. I dont feel like writing. I dont have that drive to keep me writing. But not bad enough to make me say good bye to this blog. This month marks the first birthday of this blog. A friend gave birth to it, I just responsible to takes care of it. Thanx dear friend.

I'm going back to Klang this week. Take 2 days off for a wedding ceremony my mum hosts. By the way, it's the wedding of my sister's in law brother. I've finished making some bunga telur and souvenirs for guests. Just have to decorate the pelamin and the room on Saturday. Abang, well.. he'll be in his favourite department of course.. jabatan basuh pinggan eheh.. Ita will be back too. Last time I met her was in May. Can't wait to see her new look.

Workwise, final exam is around the corner. I've finished marking, I bet some students will come to my office with the same question. "Puan, kenapa carry mark saya rendah sangat, saya hantar semua tugasan" I will give them the same answer "setakat hantar tapi tak ikut spesifikasi, tak ikut due date, itulah markah yang awak dapat"

Got to taste a very delicious tamar from Mecca. Thanx Kak Iza. And I just found out how weak my arabic has become. heeeeelllllppppp...

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