Monday, October 03, 2005

Bye outdoor, hi indoor

Finished all outdoor modules. Last week was in Cheras for Police Module. Was interesting but a little bit boring coz most of the time were in class. The best part of course having an opportunity to do road block. Quite nervous at the biginning, but hey! I enjoyed my self observing motorists' behaviour when asked for their licence and road tax. Agaknya aku pun gelabah cam tuh jugak.

Visit to forensic lab was not up to my expectation, but visit to lock-up definitely making me say NO NO to crime! Learned to shoot too. We used vector 9mm. Look easy but very hard I tell you. Went back to Kiara on Saturday after a splendid dinner the night before.

One observation : I look good in uniform ehehehe....

Will be indoor module for the next 2 months. Puasa in hostel huhuhuhu sure tak best. At least I can have an iftar with mum every week this year. As for my teruna, this raya will witness him in his new baju melayu + samping + songkok. Imagining him jalan terkedek2 is enough to make me smile.

Another day before Ramadhan. Anybody has forgotten niat puasa?

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