Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Down the memory lane

I have a hypothesis : Ramadhan is already here, most blogs will probably... nope... will be full with memories, sweet or bitter, of the past Ramadhans. I won't come out with statistics of course. It comes naturally and it is contagious! When one blogs his/her usually childhood memory, others follow suit. Quite an experience to read those entries. I enjoyed them very much. So many similarities though we live in different places. I'll blog mine... the recent ones, especially after becoming a mother...

Another hypothesis : Many of us dream of loosing weight during Ramadhan. How many of us actually lose that excess begage when the amount of food we consume is not lessened. And sadly speaking, that includes me. We take kuih, air manis, nasi with lots of lauk for iftar. We take another kuih, air manis, junk food after maghrib prayer. We take yet another side dish, or even nasi, air manis after terawikh. We take again some other food our hand can grab before bedtime. Food (a lot of it) + sleep - excercise = no weight lost. A reminder for me.. eat moderately. Makan semasa lapar dan berhenti sebelum kenyang.

Once again, I'll be fasting and breakfasting students' style, excluding "ikan jaket" phewww.. had enough of ikan jaket. Will only be half day classes, followed by tadarrus in the afternoon, iftar, tarawikh and moreh (the best part of it all ehehe). I am okey with that. But... the tadarrus is held in dining hall, that is way up at Melati (top of the hill) and we have to drag our feet down the stairs to punch out after that, and again drag our feet to the dining hall for iftar. Now how clever is that?

Ever heard of govt's rain? Nope? ok... it's like this, whenever it rains here especially during suai fizikal day, we'll be like HOORAYYY but as the watch strike 5 pm, the rain stops. Happened again yesterday. It was raining heavily but it stopped at 5.30pm, giving us an ample time to attend the closing ceremony of Sukan Inter Sidang DPA 2/2004 at 5.45pm.

I heard that we'll be floating again after DPA ends, there will be reshuffling of postings. I don't mind actually as long as I can be posted in Kuantan. Federal ke state ke aku tak kisah. On bonus, service allowance and cola allowance, Alhamdullillah rezeki anak. RM50 pun duit jugak, kalau tak usaha mana nak dapat?

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