Monday, October 10, 2005

Die Standing

Lot of iftar with this person and that person to attend. Today it'll be with Pengarah Intan, followed bybersama anak yatim Al Kifayah, then with PPTD, after that with KPPA. That is not enough, we'll also have a number of executive talks, ceramahs, moreh by sidang and yes... not forgetting assignments and exams. These are all in Ramadhan..

Open a chapter after Ramadhan. After 3 days celebrating Eid, we'll be here to resume classes. A lot, i mean A LOT of activities including outdoors. Starting with Malam DeepaRaya, Malam Suara Emas, Malam Jasamu Dikenang, Malam with KSN, Malam penutup.. malam is not enough.. we have Battle of the band, telematch, futsal (gents and ladies), teather... a lot more actually..

Participation is a must! classes + assignments + exams + daytime programme + night programme = I can die standing!

It's a part of the training.... standard answerlah tu huhuhuhu

Off to punch out.... have to be ready for today's iftar programme.

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