Thursday, October 13, 2005

So long... farewell

Our beloved DPA Director is promoted to JUSA C post, the Director General of National Service department, Ministry of Defense. We received the announcement with mixed feeling, for one it is indeed a good news but at the same time DPA won't be the same without him. The next DPA batch will definitely miss the fun we had with him in 6 month duration in Intan. But that one particular PPK will now have his chance to get a transfer he wanted badly (at least from what he tells us lah)

Iftar yesterday was ok. I couldn't control my tears looking at those orphans receiving duit raya on the stage. How lucky I am compared to them, and how ungrateful most of us for what we have and enjoy now.

On lighter note, I've finished both assignment on International Relation module and book review. Well done Angah. Now I sit back and relax waiting for tomorrow to come. Abang will be here, fetching me for an iftar together, Haven't seen him for almost 3 weeks. Will be on shopping spree on Saturday, most of things to buy are for my teruna....who else.

My teruna has gained weight, so berat lah. Wanted me to dukung him all the time, I guess he's using all the time he has with me during weekends. How I miss him... Esok ibu balik yer Arief..

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