Tuesday, October 18, 2005

of responsibilities..

Had a splendid iftar last Friday. Thanx dear for the lovely gift and the lovely evening. I didn't call home as often as I should last week. My teruna was down with fever again. I reached home at about 8.30 pm, there he was lying on his favourite comforter, hugging his beannie bear.... he looked at me and started crying "ibu...ibu...ibu... nak totong (dukung)" "ibu... pale anash (kepala panas)" I felt as if I have abandoned him the whole week. I took him, carried him around and he slept soon after. Amazingly, he was very active the next day.. so we took him with us to Klang Parade. Did some serious raya shopping for him. went back home and I prepared some dishes for iftar. Lama tak masak, kekok plak.

Started Reaserach Methodology class yesterday. I think the subject is quite easy to understand though this is my first attempt learning statistics. I can digest the info yesterday. Today's story is quite different. We started off quite well with Mr. Z. His explanation on formulae and procedures is good, that I began to think maybe just maybe I can pass this course with flying colours adaquately. But Mr. N came in the next session, pouring us with lessons he alone understands. The worst part is that we have another 4 sessions with Mr. N. God help me!

Another majlis tonight. Majlis Perpisahan for our DPA Director. Malasnyer nak pegi huhuhu

Thank you for all birthday wishes....

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