Friday, October 14, 2005

a year older

Happy birthday to me! Alhamdullillah, I am still given a chance to breathe the air. It's a special birthday for me, The last time my birthday falls on Friday was in 1988 if I'm not mistaken. Took a picture as usual, analysing if any wrinkle has appeared hahaha. As usual, I'll be giving a birthday present to my mum. It would be a nice foot massager for her. A friend of mine asked me of this particular birthday routine of mine. I simply answered, "if it's not for her, I won't be here today talking to you"

My little sister literally begged me to buy her Peterpan's new album. Kids nowadays.... at twelve, and they know lats of things I never know during that age. Being a very good sister I am, I'll buy it lah. But what's the album title ek?

Hubby is on his way here, better be off now....

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