Friday, January 06, 2006


Alhamdulillah, my leave sheduled next week is approved. One whole week to spend with my precioussss....I'm going off to Kelantan to celebrate Eidul-Adha. Abang will be here this evening to fetch me and my teruna. The alst time I celebrated eidul-Adha in Kelantan was in 2003. Was a blast!

Will be on duty on the 16th. Being in the bilik gerakan doing nothing except accepting faxes and emails and phone calls from various departments and people regarding flood. Not to mention the killing temperature in the room, it's freezing! Well I just have to make do with the big screens and ASTRO hahahaha! Now where did I put the Astro guide?

Already got the DPA 0204 profile. Nicely done. Easier to keep in touch with the comrades, all 334 of us. The new batch is now undergoing the training. My advise... EXPECT the unexpected. I bet it'll be different from previous batches since the handing over.

It's lunch time, Alamanda here I come. Daripada duit aku habis makan kat parcel A nih baik aku habiskan duit makan kat sana.

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