Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Updates in random order of no particular topic...

No 1

Imagine this, I filled the Laporan Prestasi Kerja Tahunan form for 2004 in 2006...bah! well... joinned the service on the 20th Dec, went to P*D Unggul until 31st Dec and report for duty on 3rd Jan. How and who to evaluate us in that short duration of 11 days in service. Though by rights (I think so) we are entitle for a raise (I hope so). The form is filled and on its way to J*A for further action. Hmmm... lets say they decided we are to get the raise, that means I'll be about RM 900 richer in few months time ehehehe, (dream on Angah!). Cross my fingers..

No 2

10'000 teachers will be promoted to DG 44. A very good news to start a year is it not. I'm happy for them, after all, they deserve it. If not for them (not all of them though) I wont be here doing things I do. Keep up the good work cikgu!

No 3

Came accross a friend's blog. A mother to be. Welcome to motherhood dear :)

No 4

It's January, My teruna is turning 2 next month. I know I'll feel the same odd feeling, of knowing that there'll be no 29th February this year. My bundle of joy cum bundle of energy cum chirping bird. He's now tuned to a question mode. He ask 'apa ni?' every now and then everytime he sees or hear something new.

Teruna : Ibu, apa ni (he saw buah mengkudu and held it)
Ibu : Buah
Teruna : uah... (buah)
Ibu : Buah mengkudu, nenek tanam
Teruna : uah udu (uah udu)
Teruna : Ibu.. leh atan uah (boleh makan buah)
Ibu : Tak boleh, buah untuk ubat
Teruna : Apa ni?
Ibu : Buah mengkudu buat ubat, nenek tanam
Teruna : Abang atan, atit (abang makan sakit)

He took a bite and threw it away hahaha.

Teruna : Ibu, nak num (nak minum)
Ibu : Ibu dah cakap buah untuk ubat kan.
Teruna : tak dap (tak sedap)
Teruna : nak num (nak minum)

Brought him a glass of plain water.

Ibu : Nah air, abang minum baca Bismillah
Teruna : Apa ni?
Ibu : *Air jarang
Teruna : air ayam nak num ( air jarang nak minum)

He took a sip, a big gulp and handed it back to me

Teruna : aceh (terima kasih)
Ibu : sama-sama
Teruna : ain eter (main kereta)
Ibu : ok, pergi main kereta dengan bibik, sayang ibu satu

He gave me a kiss and started running and shouting "bibik!" looking for his aunt.

Alhamdullillah, by 22 months he's capable of constructing simple word phrases though pelat yang amat.

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