Monday, January 23, 2006

more rambles

Weekend was spent by going here and there attending weddings. But we had a great time visiting relatives. My teruna dah tak kisah travelling nih. He's not yet 2 years old, but he's already pusing satu Malaya. Travelling from Klang to Kuantan is nothing to him. He can be as energetic as before the journey when we arrive about 5 hours later (after 2 pit stops usually at Genting Sempah and Temerloh). Ibunya yang tak larat nak melayan.

It's a pay day today, cola allowance included. Not that much but enough to full the tank for 2 weeks (Klang-Putrajaya-Klang day in day out). Very tiring I tell you. The calculation perday :-

Petrol : RM 10.00
Toll : RM 11.80
Able to be with my teruna everyday : priceless......

But the picture is missing something very important i.e. father figure. I'm still trying very hard to be transferred to Kuantan. It's emotionally draining. Knowing my husband is there alone, prone to all kind of seductions (you name it). I'm being very objective here. We can never trust anyone including our husband 100%. I feel guilty at the same time. My husband has a wife but he gets his right as a husband only 2 days a week. My son has a father but he gets to be with his father only 2 days a week. I know, I get to play my role as a wife only 2 days a week, but this is my choice and in doing so I dragged my little family into it. It's draining me physically and emotionally. I pray to Allah to give strength and courage to face it all.

On a lighter mode. Congratulations to Tok Rimau on the arrival of the bundle of joy, Taufik Afi bin Ghazali. The mon-mon sisters now have their own bodyguard eh Tok.. less work for you then. Another bundle of joy will be delivered to hubby's best friend, Bro Mezan about 7 months++ from now. Welcome to parenthood. Lets just hope Mezan junior will take after Sal's eheh.

Will be travelling to Kuantan (again) this Friday for CNY, Awal Muharram and Hari Wilayah, off days are stretch until Thursday, I stretch it until Sunday (took a leave on Friday 3rd feb). Alang2 kerja sehari baik aku cuti.

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