Thursday, January 19, 2006


Just another boring working day. Finishing off minutes for yesterday's meeting. Not that I'm that efficient, it's just that I have nothing else to do (really?)

Yesterday's story

Story 1.
Went to Parcel B and had lunch with Ady. He's here for a project he handled. Second meeting after the one we had in Senibong 2 years back.

Story 2.
Bloghopped and found 2 blogs by ex-i*u. Looking forward to know both of them.

Story 3.
Suddenly I craved for idli (Indian cuisine) So, on my way back, I dropped by a mamak stall and bought them. Had a spendid dinner with my teruna indulging ourselves with yummy idli (with chadni ofcourse)

No handphones in schools as today's newspaper read. Personally, I think it's a wise decision. Students can always use a public phone. Danger lurks everywhere, our children are becoming target without realizing it. How difficult can it be to snatch a handphone form a child? and what if it goes beyond that? Nauzubillah, God Forbid.

"Kerenah Birokrasi" - one says it really exists and she had suffered, and another says it does not exists (because he has not suffered?) a whole lot others whisper, whine and shout but do they actually take a step further in solving the said problem? NO ! For goodness sake, pin point the root problem, and settle it once and for all. There's no harm in listening to the public view because it's them who have to go through a whole lot. In the case of chronic disease, there can always be a better way, why is it so hard to use the fund? It is time to revise the procedures, make it easier if it's hard. It is already hard for the parents to see their child in pain, knowing not the future. And doctors.... please... can't the surgery be done first? please.. have pity, have mercy towards these children... symphaty is not enough to save them. Hmmm... I can only wonder.....

Parents to be. Buy an insurance policy that covers any disease occurs during the first 2 years of your baby's life. Most policies do not give coverage on the basic of " any disease within 2 years after birth are congenital disease" . I bought a policy that covers both my baby and me from pregnancy until he reaches 2. Look out for such. But it must be bought before pregnancy.

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