Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Went to Intan Kiara for an executive talk. Biasalah.. the invitation is somehow extended to PP, thus I went. Was already in the hall, chit chatting with efi when a group of fine looking man and women in blazers and white nametags entered and filled in the empty spaces. Hahahahaha... memory started to flash. Itulah kerja sampingan bebudak DPA, memenuhkan dewan! I lost count the events I actually had to drag my feet into for the last 6 months.

Went to see Cik F after the talk to settle some errands. Been told that some 40 of our batch have to re-sit Research Methodology paper. Yay! aku lulus. The subject sounds easy, yes for those who have a background in statistics! For us who have no idea what so ever on statistics it was a nightmare. I remember a fellow friend's remark "aku nak kira berapa ringgit aku guna pun pakai jari, mana aku nak paham korelasi, regresi min mod ni semer dlm masa 2 minggu" He was right! We were given 2 weeks to master those jargons and calculations, not to mention the che'gu's 'efficiency'.... bah! they taught us as if we have taken the subject in one way or another. Being an English graduate, I was so tense that I cried a night before the exam. I actually cried! Thank God it's over. Now tell me when will I practise the 'knowledge' I gained?

Went to see Mr. Yamalicious ( as nick named by some of us *drools* hahahaha ) for my Powerbar recovery drink supply ( I get it cheaper from him) He was busy calculating DPA participants' BMI index. I calculated mine too. Alhamdulillah still within a healthy range, itupun after months of painstaking diet and excercise. Thanx ler Mr Yaman for showing me the right way of losing weight and maintaining it.

On my teruna. We were infront of the idiot box, I kissed him on the forehead and....

Teruna : pi ahhhh.. nak enyok vivi ( tepilah nak tengok tv)
Ibu : tak baik cakap gitu ngan ibu. Ibu sayang abang je, ibu rindu tau balik kerja
Teruna : owi... ibu eluk ( sorry, ibu peluk )
Ibu : accepted. (hugged him)
Teruna : ibu.. enyok vivi ( ibu tengok tv)
Ibu : abang tengok cerita apa?
Teruna : enyok vivi aahhhh

Tak paham lagi rupanya teruna aku ehehehe. Kissed him again. Now minus the complain. Waaaaaa now I really miss my other baby. Lambatnya hari Jumaat!

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