Wednesday, October 06, 2004

weekend wrap-ups

Hujung minggu yang best. Balik Klang hari Khamis and stayed there until Monday. Abang hantar and he went back to Kuantan, got many things to do. So many cars to be painted... nak raya kan so everybody is like wanting his/her car to look brand new. So Abang, being a businessman promotes some new colours (which I already used on my Marea eheh) to his customers.. the price oh dear.. RM 400++ per litre.. very expensive but very nice tell you.. it has 2 to 3 shades of colours in one colour (how to put in in plain english eh?... the most popular right now is green/purple, so the car will be green at times but changes shade to purple at different angle we look at. Anybody thinking of repainting car?

my mum and me

Anyway, in Klang, spent my time with mum and lil sister lazying around. Very relaxing. On Sunday, my mum presented me my advanced birthday present. A nice gold anklet - I wore it immediately with tears running down my cheek. Never thought of getting a birhday present at this age. I had my own plan actually. Wanted to present her a present for my birthday on Monday just before I depart to Kuantan but since she had given me the anklet... I went into my room, took the little wrapped box and I gave it to her, hugs and kisses followed. Just a small token from a daughter to her lovely mother..

Well... I always do that.. giving her present on my birthday, an appreciation for her for giving me a birth, for bringing me up, for moulding me into what I am now. Not even a mountains of money and jewellery could repay her, but this is the least I can do. I love you mak, very very very much. I ask her what can I do to make her happy. she just said "be a good mother to your children" I will mak, insyaallah.

7 months old Muhammad Mifdzal Arief Mazlan

Arief turned 7 months old last Wednesday (29/9). He is with his granny until the week ends. I have to go to Johore for students' convocation. On my little prince, his weight gain is quite slow.. asked the pead and the result is normal since Arief is very active the ulat bulu type - tak duduk diam langsung. Very alert, once I caught him trying to catch an ant passing infront of him (rumah nenek dia kat kampung, banyak semut). Knows when being called Arief or Arip or Izal or Ijal. His favourite toys nowadays are his red beanny toy, singing tortoise and my specs. In the car hmphhh.. hard to get him to sit in his carseat, enjoys sitting with me infront playing with gear and door lock.

His milestones.. hmmm.. still trying very hard to drag his feet to start crawling. Daily routine is rolling on his stomach, shift into crawling position, ready 1, 2, bum! rolled back hahahaha. Oh yes... Arief now has 3 teeth, the fourth is coming out any time now... makin sakit ler ibu masa feeding huhuhuhu. And Alhamdulillah he is still exclusively breastfeed.

never ending work

Back to work, back to routine, back to cluttered up office. Adrian Monk will surely die if he enters my office hahahaha. Tonnes of tutorials to mark, with the exam papers coming in, I need all the time in the world to finish it. My tonsilitis is killing me (again?) Gosh! I wish there is a quick remedy for it.

Before I ramble more craps, would like to congratulate my fellow colleagues on their new borns

Puan Nurul Aina and Puan Izarina, both gave birth to healthy baby girls.. say goodbye to sound sleep we used to have.

okay. I'll stop..

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