Monday, September 19, 2005

Gua Itik Expedition

Departed to Sungai Petani after Jumaat Prayer. Arrived at 10.30pm!, 5 buses in convoi, what to say...

The expedition on Saturday was great. We explored 2 caves, Gua Itik and Gua Gendang. 70% of the exploration was meranduk air, from ankle level up to 'over head' level, me being among the shortest in the group lah. Mujur jugak tau berenang sikit sikit. The water was so clear and so cold. The scenery inside the caves was magnificent, I want to go again.

I was down with cold actually, days before the expedition. But hey, I surely dont want to miss the fun. I guess the best part was when we reach the cave's end. We had perang air! DPA participants were the attacker and PPKs and PPs were the victims. I give my due respect to the Pengarah Kursus. The boys attacked him, holding him high and instead of throwing him into the water, they just lowered him down. Being a sporting man he is, he insisted the boys to throw him like all PPKs and PPs. "Your wish is our command" and the boys did!

I was on the river bank the whole time. A PPK did order me to join the crowd.
"Tuan bagi show cause letter pun saya tak kisah dah, saya lagi kisah pasal selesema saya ni". Me
"Cakap ngan kau ni Angah memang susah". The PPK

Journey home yesterday took us about 6 hours. I got on the bus, took a seat and zzzzz

I learned more about things in life in the expedition. For one, we might be friends but not a good ones. We are taught not to have prejudice, not to judge people, but at times we must! because our first instinct is usually the correct one! "I was ready to board the bus when someone shouted - is this the bus for x-*****.. I was like what the ****! Took my bag and to anothe bus I went" I rest my case.

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