Monday, September 12, 2005

Isnin yang mandom

Went back to Intan quite early last night coz abang had to go back to Kuantan. The race yesterday was ok I guess. Kechik won and Awi got the eight place. teruk kena bebel ngan abang coz he didn't realize that the othe cyclist was actually taking an advantage of him. I guess he learned something yesterday.

This morning, Woke up early for the conference. I am a walking zombie so to say. Hate to miss the class which I deem important. I think I'll join the class later in the afternoon though I got an exemption.

Abang supplied me with powerbar gel and powerbar endurance drink for my kembara this weekend. Macam nak pergi 2 minggu eheh. Benda dah ada guna jerlah kan.

The other 2 sidangs are attending Police module and BTN this week thus theater night tomorrow cuma kami jerlah yang ada. We are the performer, we are the audience, how funny it could be bah!

I'll be covering the keynote address by TPM and welcoming address by PPTD President. It has been a long time since I wrote report, I mean this kind of report. My language skills is getting rusty as far as formal writing is concern. Working in this sector, and at a district level, very hard to practice the language.

On a lighter note. We were practically jumping up and down reading the news on cola allowance on Friday. The proposed RM150 for Management and Professional group is more than enough for me. Alhamdulillah. Penawar duka di saat sedih sebab kereta aku tak dapat potongan cukai jalan huhuhu...

Oh... congratulation to dear friend Roshasliza and husband on the arrival of their bundle of joy Qaisara Aisya Damia.

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