Thursday, September 15, 2005

My Precioussss

Yesterday was a very bad day! I was in the auditorium waiting for class to start when I realized my wedding ring was not on my finger! Darn.... I lost my wedding ring! Rushed back to hostel ignoring the possibility of getting a show cause letter, searched for my precious ring and it was nowhere to be found. My day ended before it even started.

Called abang *add sobbing sound here*. Felt calmer, will get the replacement for sure but it wont be the same, it never will. The ring was bought using the mas kahwin, not the hantaran. It's just an 80 ringgit ring but it's mas kahwin! I remember abang literally forced the towkey to accept 80 ringgit instead 120 ringgit for the ring. He didn't want to pay more than that. Ya lah, nak kekalkan the exact jumlah as uttered during the nikah.

Tawakal jer lah, if it's meant to be mine, then I'll be mine. If not, then it's ok, it's just a ring with a sentimental value attach to it. My marriage matters most, the ring is just a symbol.

Today, suai fizikal like usual. Batik day. Only 1 class. Cannot go back to hostel. Stranded here in the library. Very hot! I miss my baby already....

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