Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Blogger Berkursus?

On the way ke pejabat semalam aku dengar FlyFM pagi one headline the deejay highlighted pasal cadangan satu universiti untuk buat satu course for bloggers or bloggers to be on the right way of reporting things/ethical matters/susunan ayat -grammar and such.... well aku tak sempat nak tengok dan baca sendiri artikel tu but what came accross my mind was... dah takde kursus lain nak buat ke? I sound very negative I know... but being a blogger for 6 years.. I dont need that kind of course for several personal reasons... referring to WHY I BLOG IN THE FIRST PLACE...
Admit it, most of us write to keep us sane, writing ordinary stuff happen in our lives, and most of us write using colloquial language - bahasa pasar la- pesonally kalau nak tulis dengan penuh tatabahasa baik aku tulis thesis ke, kertas seminar ke kan... and who would ever read my entries kalau aku tulis camtu given most of my blogger friends menulis macam bercerita.... baik aku baca Dewan Siswa ke, Newsweek ke... get it?
Memang blog ni bermacam jenisnya, ada yang macam aku jenis tulis la apa nak tulis pun dan aku banyak tulis pasal kehidupan aku sebagai seorang isteri, ibu, pekerja dan anak dan mungkin kengkadang I touch upon issues yang aku rasa agak menarik. Ada blog yang memang ada tujuan spesifik dalam politik ke sosial ke apa.... Personally aku rasa kalau nak buat course pun kena la course yang boleh curb problem of slanderous blogs.. yang mengapi-apikan apa2 sentimen yang tak patut dsb. Again who will enroll? And again.. it might not be a course at all.. it can be in a form of seminars or awareness campaign creatively designed of course.
I write for the therapeutic effects my jurnals bring to my emotional being. I need a place to let go my angry, to share my happiness, to spill out my sadness to whatever I feel I need to I need a course for that? and I believe most of my blogger friends will agree. Can the course instructor tell me how to report my feelings in a very structured sentences that my readers will laugh and cry with me? Naaaaahhhh... for a simple reason that when one writes from the heart it will touch the readers' heart too....
Keep in mind that blogs ni dah lama... Most of my friends in Gengjurnal have been writing blogs since late 90s and early 2000...most of them are professionals in their line of work...and the blogs hu-ha only started like 1 or 2 years back. Blogs have become a phenomenon and used in such a way that some people are afraid of the effects... now.. buat apa nak takut kalau tak salah ke apa kan.... and if those people can take it easily, can take it maturely that we have the right to voice out our feelings and opinion.. how nice it will be...
True.... lots and lots of blogs orang tulis tapi khalayaknya ramai ke? Sometimes I bloghopped to blogs which is said to be pro this and that but looking at the comment box... ZERO! yup maybe orang cuma baca jer macam aku buat tapi tak komen... that is an indication bahawasanya blog tu tak ramai pembaca pun.
I really want to know the reason behind the suggestion. If it's what I have at the back of my mind and I would say kita ni takut pada benda yang kita tak tau sebenarnya.
So what say you?

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