Friday, May 16, 2008


Macam kata Luna.. banyak sungguh hari memperingati satu-satu benda ni kan... Hari Ibu, Hari Bapa, Hari Kekasih, the list goes on la... so today is the day to appreciate teachers and their role in teaching/educating all of us. Unless kita tak pi sekolah la.. then again who says they are the only teachers we have in our lives... formally yes..we have many many more teachers who teach us outside the four walls of classroom....
When I said we have many many more teachers who teach us outside the four walls of classroom....I mean everyone and everything...this is my list.. yours?
My lovely mother teaches me how to be a good wife and a good mother to my children through examples she shown, the advices she offered, the way she brought us up. She teaches me how to be a bood in law simply saying "bila kawen bukan dengan anaknya saja tapi dengan seluruh keluarganya"
My husband teaches me the meaning of love. We got enggaged after 2 months knowing each other.. and got married a year after. Love after marriage la ni. I was still learning to love him when we were pronounced husband and wife...and how time flies.. This year 6 tahun. There are times when we gaduh2 manja.. normal la..eheheh. Abang ajar aku pakai jeans. Yes people... pakai jeans.. which now is the must have item la..kitaorang pi bundle jek
My children teach me how to be patient by throwing tantrums, by getting sick, by all the classic behaviour of children of their age. I passed the test with flying colours muahahaha.. takde anak2 aku lebam sana sini la kan... I am blessed with a boy and a girl. Abang is very protective of his sister and adik is very manja with her big brother... they teach me the concept of unconditional love.. accepting all strength and weakness of the one we love. I might not be the world's best mother but I am their mother and they accept me the way I am kan....
My life, my experience and my mistakes are the best teachers ever... I learned a lot... happenings in my life buat aku lebih matang, buat aku berfikir lebih dalam sebelum bertindak..but hey I'm just an ordinary human being... sometimes I stumble...shit happens man!
In the line of work... my subordinates are my teachers, I might be their boss but their knowledge and experience concerning work... I salute them. Takde derang ni.. tak berfungsi la unit aku.
I was a lecturer in a college a full 4 years before I joined the government. Like I said before.. I can teach (very well?) but it's not my cup of tea. It takes passion and love of teaching to make one a good teacher...but that 4 years has taught me a lesson on handling people.. you know... camne nak tackle perangai dan masalah bebudak tu.. Which I'm using now to tackle my staff's perangai dan masalah jugak la... in order to make them working comfortably with make sure they deliver their job efficiently...macam ucapan plak la ekekekeke
Whatever pun.... everyone and everything can teach us something when we ponder upon it. Tayar kereta pancit boleh ajar kita camne nak tukar tayar kan...pertengkaran husband and wife boleh ajar kita cara tolak ansur...tinggal berjauhan boleh ajar kita jadi romantik *wink*

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