Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Nothing much to say except that I'm bored to death. Oh yes... I got so many things to do in so little time, but my mind refused to compute the fact. There are some other things bothering me. Enuf said.

Called mum this morning, just wanted to say hi actually. Lots of info from her about things happening at hometown. Noni, my little sister, passed her exam with flying colours, no 1 in her class. I'll buy her baju Vietnam she wanted badly.

Another great news, starting February next year, my grandmother will be great granny again, well.....not one more time but 5 more times. Yup.....4 of my cousins are expecting too. 1 in February, 2 in March and 2 in April.

My mum will host a wedding next month, 28/9. My sister's in law brother is getting married. He has no place to call home since their parents passed away, so my mum volunteered. I have to prepare the decor, bunga telur and souvenirs. Easy job eheh.. I think of extending the invitation to Geng Jurnal. Just think of it as another 'Ronggeng' only this time, I'll sponsor the food and the canopy.... and the best thing of all is that.. there'll be me hahahahahaha..... didn't I say just now.. I'm bored? hmph.....

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