Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Spent my weekend on bed. Very bad headache plus fever. Went to clinic and the Doc said I was in need of a rest. There I was... on my back for 2 straight days. Had to cancel our reservation *sigh*

More pills to swallow and I lost my appetite as well. But heck.. whining like I never experience fever before. I'll stop whining now. Yeaterday, I walked into my office determine to hold clas, but I failed to do so. *background sound - students cheer hoooorrraaayyyy* I didn't have the energy to speak. I just sat on my chair doing some documentations but my eyes failed me. So I just sat.

On a lighter note, my sister's in law engagement plan will resume though at first we thought it'll be postponed. It's gonna be busy september for the family.

Workwise, next week on the 26th August, we'll be holding our graduation ceremony. Pahang Menteri Besar is coming so...... we can't avoid dealing with people and more people, going through the pain staking red tapes and what not... at times we feel like " who's programme is this anyway, ours or theirs? " At this moment we rather work with papers and more papers.... just one more question.. what is with them and strict protocol? I wonder do they have rules for everything? wait... that's already 2 questions.. I'll stop mumbling now.

Dear anonymous friend, thanx for your SMS this morning. What a bad person I am, I cant recall the number. Anyway, we both thank you for the wish.

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