Wednesday, June 25, 2003

It's raining. Funny when this morning the weather man said "Kuantan diramalkan cerah" and a minute after that he said " ramalan terkini, Kuantan dan Kuala Terengganu diramalkan hujan" I can't help thinking, someone gave him a call and said "Kuantan hujan ler" ihiks..

Work wise, have no class today, so I'm gonna sit back and read Stephen King's Dream Catcher. Bought it last April, while in KL marking papers. Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix, hmmm.. hopefully can get hold of it this week. Planning of going back to hometown, can stop by kinokuniya KLCC or MPH Midvalley... so abang... prepare to be dragged. I haven't do much of a reading lately, apart of busy shedule, I can't seem to find any book of my interest. Went to new-openened Popular Book Store a couple of times... what can I say, very limited choices *sigh*

Enggagement Planning

My sister's in law engagement will be somewhere in September, the wedding will be somewhere in December. Six months in counting. Abang, being the eldest and I being his wife, have to take the responsibility to plan for both ceremonies. The ultimate question popped out yesterday

"nak mintak hantaran berapa ek kak lin?"
"Tak payah mintak, biar pihak lelaki yang tentukan"
"kang dia bagi sikit camne"
"bagi Kak Lin definisi sikit..."
"ye lah, sekarang kurang2 pun 7 ribu"
"ermm.. tak rasa cam barang ke.. letak2 harga, pastu boleh runding"

I know I hurt her feeling. But that is my stance. I feel like we are trading our daughter by fixing the amount of hantaran. It'll be nicer at least for me if the amount is determined by the groom's to be family. Surely, they know the bride's to be 'value' . Today's scenario, hantaran is regarded as status determiner... The higher the bride's to be education, the higher the hantaran. To whom are you married to dear groom? To the bride or to her education? I heard people say "Kalau lelaki tu sayang kat dia, mesti dia tak kisah bayar berapa pun.." Can we measure someone's love by how much he is willing to pay. Then Yusri's love for Erra is greater then my husband's love for me lah? Then again, it's up to individuals. Kalau mampu apa salahnya, tapi kalau tak.... berpada2lah. Permudahkanlah urusan perkahwinan....

[disclaimer : this is my opinion, and it should not be used to against me in any thinkable forms]

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