Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Satu Malaya Tau

5 minutes before 5pm, got an e-mail from a friend. Attached to it, string of pictures of the newly wed Erra & Yusry. Nice pics. My officemates and I of course being women, bla bla bla... buat ketupat sedikit sebanyak :D One thing we agreed, baju yusri sucks...

"Perasan tak masa nikah, masa bersanding hujan lebat giler"
"haah.. hujan rahmat tuh"
"bukan... panass sangat.. tu yang bagi sejuk sikit tuh"

It did make me think, part and parcial of being public figures I guess. Tak kisahlah tu. For me, it's just 10 minutes of evening entertainment while waiting for abang to fetch me.

Oxymoronic me?

+ Sometimes when someone constantly saying the same thing over and over again, bragging on and on, I cant help thinking... "a tight slap will do her/him just fine" But it's just a thought, an evil one eheh

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