Friday, June 13, 2003

Sungai Pandan Water Fall

Last Sunday me and abang decided to go for a picnic with the rest of the family. My in-laws that is. We were supposed to go to Teluk Tongkang, just near Teluk Chempedak but thinking about the children.. than it was a big no.. no.. We didn't wanna endup being somehow petugas pantai ehehe. So off we went to Sungai Pandan Waterfall, Panching. Apart from going yo ya.. I wanted to try the camcorder. We cooked some meehon, fried home-made wedges, coleslaw and the ultimate air sirap.

We departed at about 3.00 pm. Reason being, tak ramai orang lah. We thought wrong. The place was crowded with people lah. Nevermindlah kan.That was the second time for me eventhough I've been living in Kuantan for 2 years *sigh* The place is not fully developed yet. Some works are in progress though. I bet it'll be nicer in the future. We found a good spot, laid matt and dug into the food. My sister in law was shouting now and then, calling for her 3 little heroes.
"Kimi!!, tengok adik tu, jangan main jauh2"
"Adam, kang jatuh kang, main ngan mama sini"

Me and abang, we just sat lazily. Not interested in joining the family mandi manda. Tried few functions on the camcorder, taping, taking pictures, mixing images, playback, etc etc.. I wont brag ehehehe. Looking at my nephews giggled and ran after one another...
"Mok Yang, jom ah mandi ngan kimi"
"Pok Yang, beh mandi... sejukkkkk"
Nope dear, not interested. The water is too shallow for us. Better sit here and enjoy the 'performance'.

When everybody is practically 'kecut', baru nak keluar dari air. Continued the makan scene. The weather was not on our side, so we packed and got home. Played back the tape on TV. Well... looking at my family's faces, I know I made them happy. We just laughed our head off, made fun our spontaneous acts. Me and abang excluded. Great weekend.

Graduation Ceremony

29 July 2003, Convention Hall, Jalan Teluk Sisek, Kuantan Pahang, guest of honour will be Menteri Besar Pahang. Big event this year for our college. We'll be busy preparing this and that. Me and iza are in invitation committee. Easy job compare to others huh kak iza eheheh. Kita rilek jer kali nih

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