Monday, October 14, 2002





I gain another year of my life. Alhamdulillah...I'm gratefull that Allah has allow me to breathe the air still. I read an entry recently..I cant recall whose entry it was, but it said instead of receiving present on our birthday why dont we give a present to our mother...a token of appreciation for giving us a birth. And starting this year...I will do exactly that..I will give my mum a present..Then again why wait for a special date to give present when everyday is special...if you think of it that way.

I always takes a picture on my birthday. Just to see all the changes..wrinkles if any eheheh.

Abang wished me a happy birthday at a crack of dawn today. He asked....what do I want this year....I smiled..."I already have you...what more do I need.." and he was there, standing infront me...teary eyes and all, what a moment....Thank you for being you and being mine abang, I'll cherish your love...always

Today's stories

Monday : English Speaking Day. We have to speak in English. This morning as I arrived to start my working Monday...I couldn't help noticing the silence...fell onto my office. I was like..why is everybody keep to themselves, no talks, not even a murmur... And it struck me.....It's Monday a.k.a speak english or pay the consequences (by the way...we have to pay a minimum 10 cent for every utterance of other languages ehehe)

I have to replace Kak Roki's SLG class today. She was hospitalised last week..get well soon dear.

So many things to do in so little time I would say..but that is life is it not? Abang's flight is tomorrow. he'll be gone for 2 weeks..need to pack his things, go to the airport, this and that..As I was inspiration hit goes the analogy. The race is in Peninsular Malaysia...I'm in peninsular Malaysia, I possess a transport, a driving license, better still I know how to board a plane, a bus etc...abang will have his own driver, his own room in the race...why not I drive or take a flight and meet him there..let me see the calendar...ermmm 26 and 27 October would be perfect.
"hello...I would like to book a return ticket....KLIA - Kuantan..yes..25 October..yes..thanx"

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