Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Deepavalli just around the corner, so Happy Deepavalli to all my friends.. eheh.. sounds like a dedication on TV. I watched the new advertisement by Petronas, as usual.. a superb portrayal of Malaysian culture. I am still waiting for other advertisements by other big companies. They used to produce many good seasonal advertisements back then. Tak bawa untung kot.... but can't we like forget about profit once in a blue moon ?

Can't wait for my mum to come over to Kuantan ( yeah.. I keep repeating this over and over again) But I am sooooo excited. On Sunday, she'll be with my sister in Johor Baharu. I believe my sister has something to discuss with her.. I'll be getting a brother in law soon... I just hope mum will approve and I strongly believe she will...

Thanx Auntie Yan and Kak G for having the same opinion as I do. I agree being a mother is a bless, being a daughter to a very loveable mother is a bless... I won't forget that... lesson number one, be good to your mother and your children will be good to you too, Insyaallah. Looking forward for your advice auntie and kak G :)

Ramadhan is approaching.. I just pray I can perform the ibadah well... I hope I won't spend too much on food... I hope I can wake up at wee hours to prepare sahur, note for abang : please wake me up will you? and I surely hope I can spend more days in Klang eheh * background scene - memujuk husband*

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