Tuesday, October 07, 2003

A Picture worth thousand words

I was searching for some documents last night, when I found a picture of 19 years old me... I looked different. More 'excess baggage' eheh. Showed it to abang, he just smiled. Hmm... where was I when I was 19? I was in my second year in Matriculation Centre, enjoying life. Busy with co-curricular activities and on my way to maturity... erkk.. I guess.

I always take a picture on my birthdays, Started it 10 years ago, after seeing my uncle doing it. Hard evidence of ageing process... There are 'chubby angah' in her late teens, 'cengkung angah' on her 22nd birthday, 'boyish angah' during her involvement in sports etc 'tanned angah', 'fairer angah', the list goes on.

Each picture has its own story, its own memory. It's a long 1 year story of a person named angah. I'll do it again this year and years to come... I already prepare the name of this year picture, 'the ewoks like angah'...

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