Thursday, October 16, 2003

Just wanna say....

+ A friend of mine has decided to live in a 'cave' all by himself. I respect his decision.

+ I almost cry....... of laughing after hearing one funny story from a friend.

+ A call from a friend really changed my mood. How strong a friend's influence can be....

+ I try to be nice to a friend but must it always be me?

+ I have a good friend, whom I never met, but I feel at ease talking to or chatting with her.

Friends in need are friends in deed.... I can relate to that... but I hate losing a friend for some reasons I detest. A friend of mine gave me this advise, that I dont have to feel down because, I'm not losing a friend, he/she lost me as his/her friend. But I strongly believe that being a friend is not only through talking, writing etc, it can be just the rememberance, knowing that he/she will always has a place in my heart, as a friend. How hard could it be?

There you go... I've said it!!!!

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