Friday, October 17, 2003

I bought mum a jubah like dress and a ring on my birthday. Yup, on my birthday. I always buy something for her on my birthdays. A small token of love from a daughter to her mother. A way for me to express my gratitude to her for giving me a birth, and most of all her unconditional love. I love you mum...

My sister in law is busy preparing for her engagement, me... I just help her decorating the hantaran boxes. I remember telling her early this year, jokingly ofcourse, that I might not be able to offer any help on her wedding day..."mana tau kak lin sarat masa tuh" I guess it is not a joke anymore eheh... Her wedding is scheduled sometime after Raya Haji... I'll be on my bed with junior. .

Workwise, will be busy for the next 2 weeks for oral test. Final exam is on the 3rd of November... marking and finalising students' result and finally peaceful Ramadhan... only 3 classes left until raya.

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