Thursday, October 23, 2003

It is a bit annoying when...

+ someone tries to show you how to do things you do best

+ someone you call friend talks about you behind your back

+ someone else anwers your call with a background voice saying " say I'm not here"

+ you have to keep your mouth shut over things you deem right

+ you watch someone gets the credit over your hardwork

+ you lend some money and the chance of getting it back is slim

+ you have to wait for your not-so-hard-to-cook dish at restaurant

+ you live with 9 others but all chores are yours to finish

+ you have to hear someone keeps bragging on and on, on how perfect his/her life is

+ I have to write all this, using the second person pronoun, to puke it all out from my system before it all explode to uncontrollable anger, which won't be good to others....

+ I cannot puke it out verbally because the 'goody' angah doesn't have the heart to hurt others' feeling....

But hey!!!!! they do thay all the time without thinking about my feeling!!

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