Monday, October 06, 2003

Reminiscence of Old Times

Second week of October. Lesser work as semester ends, alhamdulillah. Ramadhan is just around the corner, second year as wife, third year without my late father. Kinda miss him. I miss the sight of him sitting at the porch, with his ciggarette and a mug of coffee, watching us playing firecrackers, telling us to be carefull. I miss the aroma of cakes and cookies he bakes for raya. Most of all I miss the pat on the back he always gives whenever we speak. Yeah, we seldom talk when he was alive but we spent a quality time together though short it may be.

He passed away peacefully on my mother's lap on the 14th day of Syawal, 2 months before my engagement. Abang only met him twice. I know my mother still misses him, I can tell from the way she speaks, the way she keeps my father's belongings, the constant reminder for us to pray for him after our prayers, the tears she shed after every prayer. I know your feeling mum.... we love him too. We held kenduri tahlil last week for him and our late sister.

I remember, our little sister Noni... she used to ask us, Who will take care of him there since we are all here? We said, Kak Fatimah is there, she will take care of him for us. She looked satisfy with our answer. Mum just smiled, teary eyes... we'll take care of you mum as we always do...

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