Tuesday, October 14, 2003


gain another year of my life, alhamdulillah. This morning, as I sat on a prayer mat after subuh, I kept thinking about what I have achieved in years that I lived and what should I achieve in years to come. I feel blessed with the happines granted to me, and I realise that things which once, I thought were causing me sorrow and hurt, in fact are silent helpers... they teach me how to be strong, how to be bold, how to be patient and most importantly, they teach me how to think rationally.

Abang got me a little present. Thanx dear...

Little Reunion

Last night, I went dining with a friend of mine, Wie. She came down from KL on her way back to KB. We had a wonderful dinner at Phuket Restaurant, one of the best restaurant offering a variety of Malay cuisines. Lots of catching up. Since abang said "seganlah nak ikut, pergilah dengan diaorang" so Wie and another friend, Aniz had to fetch me... thanx for the ride dear. Splendid dinner, splendid moment. We invited our coursemate, but she had an errand to to last night. Takperlah kan.. lain kali ada peluang lain.

Puking my guts out

Things done cannot be undone.... understatement of the century !!! I really hate dealing with people with little or no sense of respect. But then.. I can't change what they already are.... so it is not an understatement at all *sigh*

Really depressing feeling, specially when the feeling comes today... on my birthday!!! But as usual, I think of it as 'another person passing by, accidently bumping on me, I'll feel a little bit depress but he'll be gone eventually' if anyone knows what I mean..... but what the heck.. I'll just smile and things will get better. I won't let little things ruin my day. That is the spirit Angah!!!

Happy birthday to me...

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