Friday, October 31, 2003

Was on mc yesterday, suffering from cough and cold for about 4 days now... so the doctor suggested a bed rest for a day. Alhamdullillah, I still managed to fast. Breakfasting with nasi kerabu my sister in law made, managed to finish half a plate. Today... emm.. planning to break fast with abang at Phuket, with ikan bakar and tomyam campur.. yum yum.

Classes like usual, today marks the last day of our Executive Director stamping his punch card, he'll be transrefed to Putrajaya for a new post as Division Secretary for Administration and Finance in the Ministry of National Unity And Social Development. We had a farewell gathering and tomorrow will be a farewell iftar in one of the famous hotel here in Kuantan.

Che' Det retirement... I missed the ceremony. Do you think they'll hold delayed telecast? I don't think so.. have to watch the news tonight. For a person who has done a magnificent job for his country, he shall be remembered.... God bless. And good luck Pak Lah the new PM.

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