Monday, October 13, 2003

Splendid wet weekend, can't even do the laundry. It can wait eheh.. Since it is a lobster season here, abang went for lobster hunting, he managed to catch some and sent it to a restaurant to be cooked. So we had fresh lobsters tomyam for dinner, heaven.

Watched Anugerah Era 2003 half way through... very boringlah. I still can't figure out the fanatics' function other than terkinja2 whenever a song being sung. But I didn't miss Jat (Black Dog Bone) sang the famous Gadis Ayu.. "gadis ayu, lesung pipit dipipi... ayu senyummu menawan" His voice is superb... I wish we have 1 or 2 singers with that kind of voice quality. A bit funny, at least for me to hear Ning's speech last night... yeah, her first award, it was her night after all *wink*

MUET is around the corner, I'll be a time keeper for oral test this time... easy job and easy money though boring it will be. I hope they'll try their best. The problem with our students is that they are quite good in writing, listening and reading but not in speaking. We've tried our best to help them, It's up to them now.

My mum is coming next week for my sister's in law engagement. Noni is very excited, not to see me but to mandi manda at the beach. I'd probably bring her to Teluk Chempedak or Balok. Just afraid bout the weather, might not be on our side. Promised mum to bring her to taste sata and otak2. Mesti best..

I might be driving to work for about 2 weeks, since abang will be busy with a new company's project he just got. I just hope I don't have to drive.. *crossing my fingers*

I'm off for classes.......... chow

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